WLV Training Mobile Application

Wolverhampton University’s Employability and Enterprise Department asked us to develop the WLV Training Mobile App. It has been a significant step towards enhancing educational opportunities and employability support. This mobile application, available on both iOS and Android platforms, was custom-built to meet the specific needs of the university and its students.

WLV Training Mobile Application, Created by VOiD Applications

At the core of this project was a comprehensive understanding of the university’s vision and its commitment to empowering students for future success. The WLV Training app was designed to offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows students to access a wide range of employability and enterprise resources, career development tools, and valuable training materials. It enabled students to conveniently explore workshops, events, and other opportunities to boost their professional skills and readiness for the job market.

The WLV Training app has become an invaluable tool for Wolverhampton University, fostering student growth and career development. It exemplifies our commitment to creating customized, user-centric solutions that make a real impact in the education sector.

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