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Ceandess are a longstanding pillar of the Midlands metal engineering industry. Our work has been a transformative journey that highlights the importance of modernisation and security in the digital age. Ceandess, with a rich history dating back to 1924, has evolved to become a trusted manufacturer of filler caps, necks, and filters for the automotive industry. When they approached us, they were faced with the challenge of replacing an outdated and compromised e-commerce platform, which had been hacked, with a modern solution that could support their growth.

Ceandess eCommerce Website Created by VOiD Applications

We embarked on this project with the goal of creating a robust e-commerce website that not only represented the company’s heritage but also offered a secure and user-friendly shopping experience. The new website was designed to seamlessly showcase their range of filler caps and related products while providing an easy, reliable, and secure online shopping environment.

Our collaboration extended beyond design and development; we also focused on implementing enhanced security measures to safeguard the platform. These technological investments streamlined Ceandess operations and acts as a base for their marketing efforts.

Ceandess’s dedication to continuous improvement, coupled with our digital expertise, has resulted in a modern e-commerce platform that supports their business growth and ensures the safety and convenience of their online customers.

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