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A West Midlands branding agency specialising in manufacturing, eCommerce, and service-based industries.

Struggling to master your brand strategy?

Inconsistencies in branding elements like logos, colours, and messaging can confuse audiences and weaken your brand’s identity and positioning. Without a cohesive brand identity, you risk losing credibility and failing to resonate with your target customers.

To avoid this, opt for professional branding services (like ours!) to establish a consistent and memorable brand identity that reflects your business in all the right ways.

In today’s competitive market, your brand can be overlooked by your audience or overshadowed by your rivals without that special something that sets you apart. Without a strong value proposition and unique brand positioning, you risk blending into the background and failing to capture audience attention.

Work with branding experts like us to identify your brand’s unique qualities and develop strategies to differentiate your brand and attract loyal customers.

In the age of social media and online reviews, a single negative experience can be detrimental to your brand’s reputation. Without effective brand reputation management strategies in place, you risk losing credibility and struggling to recover from reputational damage.

With help from our team, you can take proactive steps to monitor and address brand sentiment, engage with customers, and craft positive brand experiences that build trust and loyalty.

Without clear brand guidelines, it’s difficult to maintain consistency in digital storytelling, resulting in disjointed narratives and ineffective marketing efforts — diluting your brand messaging and making your strategies less impactful.

Luckily, our team can help you establish comprehensive brand guidelines, giving you a framework for better digital storytelling and alignment with your brand messaging and core values.

Low brand awareness and poor online visibility can make it difficult to capture audience attention and compete with industry leaders.

This is why it’s essential to work with brand experts like us to boost your online presence and drive engagement on an ongoing basis. From digital storytelling to SEO strategies, our team has you covered.

As branding specialists in the Midlands, we’re perfectly positioned to expand your reach.

With an entire team of in-house branding specialists, it’s no wonder we’re one of the leading web agencies in the Midlands. Experienced in not only growing your online presence but also strengthening your core brand image, our branding experts are known for helping businesses like yours make an impact.

Specialising in the manufacturing, eCommerce, and service-based industries, we offer:

  • Brand strategy and identity creation
  • Full-service branding (usually for start-ups or established companies looking to overhaul their image)
  • Digital storytelling services
  • Brand guidelines creation
  • Marketing materials design (including graphics and logo creation)
  • Digital touchpoint development (including websites and app development)
  • SEO optimisation for local or global visibility
  • Print Services


As branding, specialists in the Midlands, we're perfectly positioned to expand your reach - VOiD Applications

High performance SEO websites with a premium aesthetic.

Secure hosting, data back-ups, and protection from hackers.

Experts in manufacturing, eCommerce and service-based industries.

Brand strategies that support your entire online presence.

Having originally started out as a team of web designers and developers in Wolverhampton, VOiD Applications has since expanded to include a range of services that reflects the wider digital landscape.

From SEO optimisation to mobile app development, our full range of services give you access to all the digital services you need, under one roof: