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Website and app maintenance services that allow you to focus your attention elsewhere.

Struggling to stay on top of web maintenance?

Outdated content not only fails to engage users, it also reflects poorly on your brand’s credibility and relevance. Without regular maintenance and updates, your website runs the risk of falling behind, losing valuable leads to your competitors.

Invest in professional web maintenance services like ours to keep your website fresh, dynamic, and aligned with evolving user expectations.

Without proper backup mechanisms and contingency plans in place, your website is highly susceptible to data loss, downtime, and irreversible damage, putting your business operations and reputation at risk.

As part of our web maintenance services, our team will work with you to implement a strong backup and recovery strategy to minimise downtime and facilitate swift recovery in the event of a data emergency.

Neglecting web maintenance can leave your website vulnerable to security threats, including hackers, malware infections, and data breaches. Without proactive monitoring and security patches, your website is an easy target for cybercriminals — leading to compromised data and damage to your business’s reputation.

Luckily, our web maintenance services include 24/7 premium security measures, regular security audits and updates, and backups to protect your website.

Over time, neglecting web maintenance can result in performance degradation, negatively impacting your website’s functionality — and your overall business operations! Poor website performance impacts the user experience, frustrating visitors and leading to higher bounce rates and lost sales opportunities.

Choose VOiD Applications to ensure optimal performance for your website with routine maintenance tasks, including speed optimisation, bug fixes, and content updates, to keep visitors engaged and satisfied.

Putting off updating your website content can affect your website’s ability to adapt to evolving business needs and market trends. Plus, a lack of timely or strategic changes can make your website feel outdated and misaligned with your industry.

To avoid this, consider asking the VOiD Applications team to streamline your content management processes with user-friendly CMS platforms and automated workflows — helping keep your website fresh, relevant, and engaging.

Inconsistent display and functionality can alienate users and impact their satisfaction with your website, resulting in lost opportunities for engagement and conversions.

Luckily, our web maintenance services ensure cross-device and cross-browser compatibility with regular website maintenance, testing, and optimisation, prioritising seamless user experiences and accessibility.

An updated approach to web maintenance.

Many of our mobile app and web development clients believe that web maintenance is just about keeping your web channels updated, our web maintenance services offer so much more! Our website and app maintenance services consist of:
  • Ensuring your plugins, themes, and core files are updated.
  • Keeping your website and mobile apps secure.
  • Scanning your web channels for potential risks.
  • Performing backups and carrying out hack recovery if needed.
  • Dedicated time with our web experts to discuss updates and uncover new ways to elevate your digital channels
Web Maintenance - VOiD Applications

Premium security with hacking protection and recovery.

Daily website and database backups as standard.

Dedicated time with our expert team to discuss website updates.

In-house Customer Support From Our Wolverhampton Web Team - VOiD Applications

From manufacturing websites to eCommerce apps, we keep your business operations moving in the right direction.

With first-hand knowledge of several fast-paced industries, we’re usually ahead of the game when it comes to new technology and advanced features. If there’s a digital solution we think could benefit your business and boost your online presence, we’ll be sure to let you know about it during our dedicated meetings.

Your West Midlands hack recovery experts.

Did you know that 85% of hacks are a result of outdated CMS systems and plugins? If your web maintenance provider isn’t actively mitigating the risks associated with hacks, it’s easier than you think for your data to become vulnerable.

For as low as £50 per month, we offer guaranteed data recovery within 36 hours if anything should happen to your site. This service is particularly popular with eCommerce and manufacturing clients, as well as those wanting to keep their site safe, secure, and consistently scanned for threats.

Have questions about our hack and data recovery service? Our West Midlands team would be happy to fill you in!

We don't have to claim that we're the best web designers in Wolverhampton, our clients do it for us!

Challenging Education Testimonial for VOiD Applications

I’ve been working with the team at VOiD for 3 years* now and couldn’t recommend them enough.

They’ve made the vision we had for my clients website come to life and exceed our initial expectations. They’re constantly working with us to make improvements to our site as my clients business develops.

Communication is always fantastic, giving us updates at every single stage so we know exactly what is going on.

Michelle Organ
Challenging Education
*3 years as of January 2024

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Only pay for the time you need.

Even though we offer a premium service, we like to keep our pricing down to earth. Across all of our services, we can tailor our packages to suit your exact type of business — ensuring you only pay for the time you need.

Because such a large percentage of our business comes from direct referrals, it’s in our interests to keep our customers happy!

Frequently asked questions

Backups, plugin, theme and core file updates. We will investigate plugin conflicts and we deal with disaster recovery.

With a combination of firewalls, software updates and tracking known threats. Prevention is the best cure, and we do that from project start or the beginning of any projects that are handed over to us.

Yes, if you host with us or only do web maintenance we will make sure your backup policy is robust. We backup daily and keep 14 days of backups to ensure you have a disaster recovery plan.

By making sure your website is running as efficiently as we can, the same as how a service can help your car run more efficiently, however the frequency of checkups are a lot more regular and so, we avoid any nasty shocks by keeping a finger on the pulse of your business' website, ensuring, for comparative reasons, your engine doen't fall out your bonnet whilst on the motorway.

All websites that we manage are tracked 24/7, 365 days a year, with a combination of software that checks if the site has changed in any way and alarms that sound to us if a site goes offline. This combined with our backup process means, we're able to recover a website very quickly and find the root cause of the issue.

Every month we update the theme, plugin and core files on our maintenance websites. We can send reports once this is complete to outlined what was changed and what these changes are aiming to result in.

A combined 30+ years of experience with a focus on keeping you up-to-date, secure and covered if needed. Our process has been refined over the last decade and everything we do for ourselves, we commit to doing for our clients, so you can be confident your business is in good hands.

Please see our Web Maintenance Packages that outline how we help.

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