Perry Hall Multi Academy Trust Apps

Our work with the Perry Hall Multi Academy Trust (PHMAT) in creating a suite of school apps for each of their member schools has been a significant step towards improving communication between schools, parents, and students. These apps, available on both iOS and Android platforms, serve as a vital tool for disseminating important information and fostering engagement within the educational community.
Perry Hall Multi Academy Trust Apps, Created by VOiD Applications

One of the key features we integrated into these apps was push notifications. This feature allows the schools to instantly communicate important announcements, updates, and events directly to parents and students. The apps offer a user-friendly interface where parents and students can access school information, calendars, newsletters, and other resources conveniently.

The PHMAT school apps exemplify our commitment to providing tailored, technology-driven solutions for educational institutions. They have played a pivotal role in enhancing communication, engagement, and transparency within the Perry Hall Multi Academy Trust.

If you’re seeking to improve communication and engagement in your educational institution through customized mobile apps, our team is well-equipped to deliver solutions that meet your specific needs.

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