Beef Monitor Web Application

We designed a bespoke web app that enables farmers to monitor the weight of their cattle in real time.

David Ritchie is a leading manufacturer of farm equipment. Established more than 150 years ago, they ship high-quality products to customers in various industries across the globe from modern facilities in England and Scotland.

Beef Monitor Web Application Displayed on Desktop Created by VOiD Applications

David Ritchie approached us to create a game-changing software solution for their agricultural hardware.

To automate cattle weighing and facilitate trend tracking, David Ritchie built hardware that measures the weight of cattle every time they walk across a monitor unit to access a water trough. A Bluetooth ear tag identifies each animal, and their weight is sent to the cloud.

The challenge was to design a web app that would display this data in real time to farmers in an easily accessible way.

VOiD's Solution

VOiD created a unique new web app that displays real-time data as it is collected from farms, enabling farmers to view live trends in their cattle’s weight.

The web app enables the display of individual data for each animal and allows the setting of different profiles to indicate their finishing status.

Daily average weights are shown to help farmers determine the optimum abattoir weight, reducing the risk of weight penalties and overhead costs.

We prioritised accessibility in our design, opting for a web app that can be used on various devices with differing levels of internet access. It is suitable for smartphones and laptops.

Our mobile-responsive interface was tailored to present key information to farmers in a quick and easy-to-understand way.

The menu is user-friendly, with shortcuts to the homepage, cattle view and cattle information update. Sorting options make it easy to keep track of individual animals by EID, MID and UKID.

Finishing profiles can be created and set globally or to individual cattle to allow for the farm to monitor sets of cattle using different metrics.

The user interface is customisable, visually appealing and presents data with minimal clutter, using Ritchie’s trademark orange and bovine silhouette.

Technical Specification

The web app was created using Laravel (a PHP framework) for the back end and HTML/CSS with Bootstrap for the front end.


The web app was created using Laravel (a PHP framework) for the back end and HTML/CSS with Bootstrap for the front end.

“Chris and his team have been a key element with getting our Beef Monitor project up and running over the last couple of years. They have been very quick and professional when responding to any issues that have arisen and when implementing change requests. I can highly recommend VOiD without hesitation.”

Richard George

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